Cellars Wine Club – Quarterly Case Club

Cellars Wine Club Quarterly Case Club - A Case of Wine!Cellars Wine Club has many different specific wine clubs available, and if you want to get the BIGGEST BANG for your buck, then buy in bulk!  Buy a whole case of wine at a time, with their extremely popular “Quarterly Case Club”.  (This is similar to the most popular 2 bottle per month “Premium Wine Club” — but in this Quarterly Case Club, you get a FULL CASE of wine at a time!)

If you have the room for 12 bottles of wine, then this is definitely the wine club for you.

You get the biggest discount, because you’re buying in one lump shipment.  The introductory price of $90 (including shipping) makes your first shipment of wine cost under $10 per bottle!  And, subsequent shipments (which come every 3 months) are billed at the regular rate of $140 (including shipping), thereby making the per-bottle price just over $11 each.

This is the way to go, folks!

With each shipment, you get 12 bottles of premium wine and have a choice of 12 bottles of Red Wine (4 Different Wines, 3 Bottles each) or Both Red and White (3 Different Reds, 2 Different Whites – 2 Bottles of each).

Cellars Wine Club Quarterly Case Club Review - A full Case of wine!Read the Cellars Wine Club Quarterly Case Club – Wine Club Review before buying.

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